Sale Duration: Nov 16th - Nov 30th 2023

⭐️ Free Shipping on orders $200 CAD ($150 USD) and up

⭐️ Sale Products Lists [All brands below can be combined together to get free shipping offer] 
Claymore: 20% and 30% off
Nanga: All products 20% off
PEOS: All products 20% off
Hydro Flask: All products 20% off
Steeped Coffee: All products 20% off
Bigtent: Folding Box 20% off
Blackcomb: Free slider and cover (No Free Shipping Available)
Lumena: 30% off

⭐️ Canada Only Products [All brands below cannot be combined with other brands to get free shipping offer]

iKamper: 40% off below products, over $200 CAD free shipping  👇🏻
[ANNEX]_Skycamp 2.0 Mini_High, [ANNEX]_Skycamp 2.0 Mini_Low, [ANNEX]_X-cover 1.0, [AWNING], [INSULATION TENT]_X-cover, [AIOKS UTENSIL RACK]_Brown, [AIOKS LIGHT STAND]
Midnight Forest: All products 20% off, over $200 CAD free shipping
Maxtrax: All products over $200 CAD free shipping
Pelican: All products over $200 CAD free shipping
CBI: 50% off products are pickup only

Shipping and Delivery: iKamper, Midnight Forest, Jackery, Maxtrax, Pelican are only available in Canada.

Returns and Refunds: Most of the products will follow our regular returns and refunds policy EXCEPT:
iKamper, Front Runner, CBI products on sale are NOT AVAILABLE for any returns and refunds

In-Store Special Offer: If you visit our showroom and purchase over $200 CAD, you can get free gift! Come see what you can get.

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