The ultimate solution for outdoor lighting.

CLAYMORE's major components are made by Samsung and LG, the leading manufacturers of batteries and LED panels for your latest iPhone and Android phones.This is why CLAYMORE products are compact and lightweight, yet powerful and functional.CLAYMORE is the pioneer who redefined rechargeable and versatile wearable and area lights.

Introducing CLAYMORE

The2 #1 Premium Outdoor Lighting Brand from Korea! 

Even from CLAYMORE’s 1st year(2013), CLAYMORE has shot up to become the #1 selling brand in the category of Outdoor Lighting in Korea, all by word of mouth from satisfied users.

It all started when CLAYMORE began a revolution in the Area Lighting category. While campers and hikers were still using cumbersome and messy gas and canister fueled lanterns, CLAYMORE redefined the category by introducing their rechargeable LED-powered area lighting solutions. Not only were the CLAYMORE area lights lighter and cleaner and more powerful, but they also helped to usher in a brand new way of thinking about area lighting altogether.

The 1st generation of CLAYMORE area lights.

No more carrying messy gas or bulky canisters, CLAYMORE area lights simply plug into a car’s USB port to recharge and even offered the convenience of allowing other mobile devices to be charged from its power bank function, especially helpful when you find yourself off the grid. Building on that breakthrough, CLAYMORE continues to offer ever improved and upgraded models, expanding their satisfied customer base and also extending its innovative solutions to other areas of outdoor lighting.

USB rechargeable light from 6 years ago.

Now in 2019, CLAYMORE is proud to introduce their upgraded 4th generation of its first model and different version of area lights such as the ULTRA+2, the 3FACE+ and the ULTRA MINI.

Any search through online marketplaces, including Instagram or YouTube new product reviews, will show that portable LED area lighting is a new and growing category in the outdoor industry. While other brands are just now launching their first or second-gen models, CLAYMORE continues to be the frontier of portable LED area lighting with most advanced technology, innovative design, and dependability.

[ULTRA+2] Rechargeable Area Light

[3FACE+] Rechargeable Area Light

[ULTRA MINI] Rechargeable Area Light

What makes CLAYMORE such a force in the category? The main components of the LED area lights revolve around the rechargeable battery and the technology behind the LED chips. Factors such as design, versatility, and durability are also the key. In all these areas, CLAYMORE is a demonstrated leader.

CLAYMORE is made in Korea, the #1 rechargeable battery and LED tech leading country in the entire world. When CLAYMORE designs a new model, they are able to bring the best of the best components from three of the top global tech companies, Samsung, LG, and Seoul Semiconductor. CLAYMORE uses the advanced technology available to them, combining them to design and manufacture only the most premium products with cutting edge specs and innovative appeal. The CLAYMORE 3FACE+ X model includes a 31,500 mAh rechargeable battery which recharges fully in 4.5 hours, generates 5,000 Lumens and runs up to 78 hours (8 hrs in max and 78 hrs in low mode). There’s not a single model on the market to even compare with the this. Just for reference, 5,000 Lumens is equivalent to 6~7 typical home use LED light bulbs turned on at the same time.

3FACE+, Unipue three-dimensional design.

Not satisfied with their amazing success in the area lighting category, CLAYMORE quickly expanded to wearable lighting. This category has traditionally relied on only a few name brands, such as Petzel, Black Diamond, and Princeton Tec. If you go to the website for REI, the most well known outdoor retail chain in the US, you will see these 3 brands are dominating the U.S market. I pulled screenshot of the headlamps sold in REI by best selling order (as of July 11, 2019). As you can see from below, out of 9 models, 8 is made up of those three brands.

For comparison, below are the best selling outdoor lighting products sold in the OK Outdoor mall (the most well known outdoor mall in Korea).

Out of top 10, CLAYMORE products claim 8 spots (except #2 and #9). CLAYMORE is dominating the entire category of outdoor lighting in Korea. (as of July 11, 2019)

CLAYMORE’s reputation in Korea is such that while all the other brands including those big 3, have to offer discounts (25% ~ 40%) to move their products, CLAYMORE is the only brand that sells their lights at full price. That reflects the respect of the quality and reputation of the CLAYMORE lights, including their dependability, design and customer satisfaction. And all this from a still relatively new brand with no marketing other than by word of mouth and real reviews on social media from real satisfied customers. Quality sells and you can’t beat the testimonies of real people who have used CLAYMORE products.

CAPON 40B, The most compact portable-rechargeable LED light.

What makes CLAYMORE so special? 1. Performance, 2. Versatility 3. Durability and 4. Design. A simple comparison of the CLAYMORE HEADY+ with its nearest competitor will show the difference. The CLAYMORE HEADY+ has an MSRP of US $79.95. On the attached slide is a spec vs spec comparison of currently selling headlamps at REI, all models with an MRSP between US$75 and $140.

Click the link below to see the comparison.

It’s clear that the CLAYMORE HEADY+ is a well-rounded player in a basic spec vs spec comparison, even against much more expensive big name brand headlamps sold in REI. The CLAYMORE ranked either No.1 or 2 in every category. It’s not surprising given that CLAYMORE’s main components are drawn from the very best of today’s global leading tech companies, like Samsung and LG.

HEADY+, The Ultimate Headlamp that Illuminates Farther for Longer.

When people think about their dream car, you’d want the best performance, look, comfort and safety you can think of. CLAYMORE has the best engine (battery) available from its good partner companies known as the best in the world. They are equipped with the best transmission and suspension (LED chip) promising smooth delivery of power and performance. The durability is akin to the highest of safety tests and it offers unmatched versatility (extra mounting options), infotainment (color temp options) and brilliant design (awards for good design). CLAYMORE is your most high tech, fully loaded dream car at the price of an affordable car.