Rechargeable Headlamp


‘The Ultimate Headlamp that Illuminates Farther for Longer’

The 1st gen. CLAYMORE HEADY, which was released 3 years ago, is still considered to be one of the best in the market. Nobody asked, but we evolved once again with the HEADY+. Huge battery capacity(3,500mAh), amazing brightness(600LM) in surprisingly lightweight(104g).

600 LM (Max.) / 3,500 mAh

High density / high power Samsung lithium-ion battery was used.

Variety Lighting Modes

SPOT Light 8° / SPOT Light 25° / TURBO SpotLight 25 ° / FLOOD DiffusedLight with three color temperatures.

IP54 Dust / Weatherproof

The CLAYMORE HEADY+ has an International Protection rating of IP54 and is designed to with stand harsh outdoor activities.

Full Features

  • Micro 5-pin USB rechargeable (3,500mAh)

  • Ultra compact size, multipurpose headlamp

  • 4 lighting modes; focus light(8°), focus light(25°), turbo mode(8°&25°), and diffused light(cool/warm/natural white)

  • 600 LM / 150 m distance in Max, 70 hrs runtime in Low

  • 5-level preset brightness, including an SOS mode 

  • Fine dimming control by one button press and hold

  • Battery level indicator

  • Dust proof / weather proof (IP54)

  • Comes with its own clip and body hook

  • Direction angle adjustable

  • Safety helmet friendly

  • Tripod compatible (1/4" socket)


  • Product Name : CLAYMORE HEADY+

  • Model No. : CLC-460BK/RD/TN

  • LED Color Temperature : Cool White / Natural White / Warm White

  • Size : 74 x 44 x 44.2 mm / 2.91 x 1.73 x 1.74 inch

  • Weight : 104 g / 0.23 lb

  • Battery : Li-Polymer 3.6V 3,500mAh

  • Input : USB 5V 1A

  • Run Time : 4 hrs ~ 70 hrs

  • Charging Time : 6 hrs

  • Brightness : 35 - 600LM

  • Ingress Protection Rating : IP 54

  • In the Box : HEADY+, Pouch, Micro 5pin USB Cable, Clip, User Manual


ⓐ Power / Illumination Button

Push the button shortly to turn  on and off the light. While the light is on, press and hold the Power Button to adjust the brightness over a smooth gradient.

ⓑ Battery Display

Indicating the remaining battery level in three steps.

ⓒ Diffused Light

Wider / softer lightaround yourself.

ⓓ Mode Button

When light is on, ① push Mode  Button shortly to change lighting modes. ② while pushing down the Power Button and press the Mode Button to control 5 step dimming

ⓔ Spot Light

Three spot light modes. 

(8° / 25° / TURBO)

ⓕ Charging Port

Micro 5-pin USB cable support.


Battery & LED Chip for 

Both Safety & Performance.

High density / high power Samsung lithium-ion battery was used. It is the best battery cell available, received excellent safety ratings, and has a long life. More economical and environmentally friendly than disposable batteries in the long term.

In addition, with the LH351B / 310B LED chip, you can use it reliably with high-performance that provide the best battery efficiency, most powerful brightness, and longest life.


Perfect All-In-One Design & Performance.

HEADY+ is not just a headlamp with an only spotlight. It can also emit diffused light for use as a camping lantern with an option of 3 color temperature. Along with upgraded battery capacity and increased brightness, HEADY+ prevents malfunction with its LOCK mode.



Coyote Tan


Headlamp with Maximum Power & Maximum Capacity.

Unlike conventional headlamps that use 3 AAA batteries, which use 1.5V 800mAh, the CLAYMORE HEADY+ is equipped with a 3.6V 3,500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that has astounding power and capacity.


Battery Type Headlamp


x 3.5






Light mode

Various Lighting Modes, According to Any Situation.

The CLAYMORE HEADY+ is not just a headlamp with an only spotlight. It can also emit diffused light for use as a camping lantern with an option of 3 color temperature. Press the MODE button while it is on to change the light mode.


SPOT Light 8°

Max. 400LM

Use it when you want a narrow light over a long distance.


SPOT Light 25°

Max. 400LM

Use it when you want a wider light over a long distance.


TURBO SpotLight 25 °

Max. 600LM

Use it when you want a stronger light over a long distance.


FLOOD DiffusedLight

Max. 400LM

Use it when you want a wider / softer light around yourself. (including color change)

Up to 600 LM, Reaching 150 M(500ft) Lasts up to 70 Hrs.

The CLAYMORE HEADY+ can be used up to 70 hours, reaching up to 150 meters(500feet), with a maximum brightness of 600 lumens. If you turn the power off and then back on, it will light up to the previously set brightness and mode thanks to the memory function.

Color temperature

3 Color Temperatures for Your Preference.

The CLAYMORE HEADY+ provides 3 color temperatures(Cool White / Natural White / Warm White). Change the mood with your preferred color temp. according to the situation.


Cool White


Natural White


Warm White

SOS Flash Function for Emergencies.

Press and hold the Mode Button for 2 seconds while the power is on, the LED flashes an SOS signal.


IP54 Dust / Weatherproof.

The CLAYMORE HEADY+ has an InternationalProtection rating of IP54 and is designed towith stand harsh outdoor activities.

* IP54 is a dust / weatherproof rating that meansit is protected from dust and splashed water.


Various Mounting Headlamp.

The CLAYMORE HEADY+has a Headband, Clip, S-hook,and Carabiner so you can useit in many places in numerous ways.

How to Use the Clip 

How to Detach Clip Out

Slide the bottomof the Clip upwards.

Rechargeable Headlamp