Rechargeable Hand Fan


‘Word's 1st Small Appliance Level Hand Fan’

After LUMENA N9-FAN Series ignited the sensation, they became the standard for all portable fans. Thanks to its creative innovation, including four-step airflow control and an innovative charging system. Now, we are introducing the 3rd generation portable hand fan.

Wind Speed


4 Steps

Wind Speed Control

Low Noise

Step 1 Ultra Low


Built-in Battery Cell

Safety Net

Separation/ Cleaning


Air Circulation Structure


Low Power Consumption

Wireless Use

Up to 14 hours

Full Features

  • USB rechargeable (Li-ion 2,500mAh)

  • Wireless-portable 3.9" fan/air circulator for all season

  • Removable safety net for easy cleaning

  • "Beautiful" wind, great performance with simple but attractive design

  • Portable with easy grip/desktop friendly with stand cradle

  • Wireless charging stand cradle

  • Innovative BLDC motor

  • Unique 30 degree vent cover frame to create "tornado" wind

  • 4-step wind speed

  • 14 hrs in low-speed, 3 hrs in high-speed run time

  • Quiet (13 dB) and powerful (32 km/h) air flow

  • Package includes a wrist strap, a USB cable, a charging stand cradle


  • Product Name : N9-FAN PRO2

  • Size : 106 x 36 x 207 mm / 4.17 x 1.41 x 8.15 in

  • Product Weight : 165 g / 0.36 lb

  • Battery : Li-ion 18650 - 3.7V 2,500mAh

  • Battery Life : Full Charge over 1,000 times

  • Input : DC5V 1A (Max.)

  • Output : 4W

  • Run Time : 14 hrs with low-speed / 3 hrs with high-speed

  • Charging Time : 3 hrs

  • In the Box : N9-FAN PRO2, Charging Stand Cradle, Strap, Micro 5pin USB Cable, User Manual


ⓐ Safety Net

Remove the safety net easily with one touch for clean and healthy use.

ⓑ Power Button

All the functions operate by one simple button. You can adjust the wind speed in 4 steps according to the number of the power button presses. (**Press the button for 2 seconds to turn off.)

ⓒ Charging Stand

Stand cradle for hand fan was the LUMENA's original creative idea from many years ago. Nowadays, it became a standard option in the market.

ⓓ Input Port

Connect the Micro 5 pin USB cable to charge. Charging begins when the LED indicator is on. The red LED blinks while charging and the white LED light is up when charging is completed.

ⓔ Strap Hole

An exclusive hand strap is included for easier portability.

ⓕ Stand Input

Connect the Micro 5 pin USB cable to the stand cradle input. It can be used as a wireless charging dock and a desktop fan mode.


Original Design of the Most Beautiful Proportions.

The beautiful design of the N9-FAN PRO2, the portable circulator, is the result of continuous research in the N9 design research center finding perfect proportions and delicate differences in finishes and colors.

The powerful 4W output from 4 blades generates a richer and more powerful wind through the 30° diagonal circulator structure.

Achieved Cumulative Sales of 3.5 million units!

** Global sales of LUMENA wireless potable fan


4 Delicate and Sensual Colors.

Warm white, soft pink, mint, and navy colors for a charming 'Tone on Tone Style' harmonize with the original design and offer more beauty and elegance.


Wireless Charging Makes It More Convenient and Easy.

The LUMENA N9-FAN PRO2 is equipped with a wireless charging function. If you connect the cable to the cradle and then mount the main unit, the charging starts regardless of the mounting direction.


Compact Size. Amazing Airflow.

The 100mm diameter head, which fits easily into the pouch, is convenient to carry and store.

wind speed

4 Airflow Settings.

You can adjust the wind speed in 4 steps, ultra low, low, medium, and high, according to the number of the power button presses.

** Press the button for 2 seconds to turn off.


Overwhelming Airflow.

Super powerful airflow, 32km/h. 

(Result of airflow measurement at 3cm away)

The wind reaches up to 4.5m when operating at maximum airflow. (45% higher compared to conventional portable fans)

bldc motor

High performance high efficiency.BLDC motor.

BLDC motors generate quiet and powerful torque andare semi-permanent motors that do not fail, even after extended use.


Safe batterytechnology.

  • High 2,500mAh capacity battery

LUMENA's battery control technology, which boasts proven stability and optimum efficiency, minimizes energy loss during use and ensures safety.

led indicator

LED Charging Level Indicator.

You can check the remaining battery level with the LED indicator on the side of the product. Connect the cable and charge adapter directly to the main unit, or connect it to the stand cradle, and the LED will turn on and begin charging.


LUMENA GUIDE makes your day pleasant.

The Day Begins with Excitement.

Your busy morning,wishing your day will be full of excitement.

Use It All Day without a Care.

Only 0.9 W power consumption on the first level, which is lower than a TV standby mode. You can use it 24/7 without worrying about your electricity bill.

Prepare for Tomorrow.

Time to finish the day. A quiet, gentle wind for you after a long day. Easy wireless charging with the stand cradle.


LUMENA GUIDE makes your day pleasant.

Morning Hoursfor Concentration.

With the hope to wish you the best,a pleasant and refreshing breeze just for you.

Detachable Safety Netfor Easy Cleaning with Water.

Remove the safety net easily withone touch for easy cleaning with water.

Rechargeable Hand Fan