Rechargeable Desktop Circulator Fan


‘World's 1st Stylish Concept desktop air circulator’

The LUMENA N9-FAN STAND is the archetype of a desktop circulator with a soft yet powerful wind, wireless operation, and a unique design identity. Now, we are introducing the 2nd generation desktop circulator. It did not simply evolve but was perfected.

Wind Speed


4 Steps

Wind Speed Control

Low Noise

Step 1 Ultra Low


Built-in Battery Cell

Safety Net

Separation/ Cleaning


Air Circulation Structure


Low Power Consumption

Wireless Use

Up to 20 hours

Full Features

  • USB rechargeable (Li-ion 4,000mAh)

  • Wireless-portable 6" fan/air circulator for all season

  • Removable safety net for easy cleaning

  • "Beautiful" wind, great performance with simple but attractive design

  • One touch battery level check

  • 2 stage timer, ‘Quick Off’ function

  • Tilt up to 45 degrees

  • Unique 30 degree vent cover frame to create "tornado" wind

  • 4-step wind speed

  • 20 hrs in low-speed, 4 hrs in high-speed run time

  • Quiet (13 dB) and powerful (40 km/h) air flow

  • Package includes a USB cable


  • Product Name : N9-FAN STAND2

  • Size : 165 x 268 x 131 mm / 6.49 x 10.55 x 5.16 in 

  • Product Weight : 460 g / 1.01 lb

  • Battery : Li-ion 18650 - 3.7V 4,000mAh

  • Battery Life : Full Charge over 1,000 times

  • Input : DC5V 1.2A (Max.)

  • Power Consumption : 5W

  • Run Time : 20 hrs with low-speed / 4 hrs with high-speed

  • Charging Time : 4 hrs

  • In the Box : N9-FAN STAND2, Micro 5pin USB Cable, User Manual


ⓐ Safety Net

Remove the safety net easily with one touch for clean and healthy use.

ⓑ Power Button

All the functions operate by one simple button, including On / Off, battery level check, and timer settings.

ⓒ LED Indicator

Low Battery Alarm / Battery Level Check / Wind Speed Level Display

ⓓ Timer LED Indicator

When you press and hold the power button for 5 seconds during operation, the blue LED indicator below the power button lights up and you can set the timer.


Original Design of the Most Beautiful Proportions.

The beautiful design of the LUMENA N9-FAN STAND2 circulator is the result of continuous research in the N9 design research center finding perfect proportions and delicate differences in finishes and colors.

The powerful 5W output from 3 blades generates a richer and more powerful wind through the 30° diagonal circulator structure.

AchievedCumulative Sales of 3.5 million units!

** Global sales of LUMENA wireless fan


3 Elegant and Classic Colors.

The newly upgraded sand stone, chic black, and warm white colors are combined with the refined design of the N9-FAN STAND2, providing even more beautiful elegance.

bldc motor

The Difference ofPleasant Winds. BLDC Motor.

The BLDC motors optimized for ONANKOREA’s5th generation smart IC chip set generatesquiet yet powerful torque and aresemi-permanent motors that do not fail,even after extended use.

Quiet and Rich Wind.

The LUMENA N9-FAN STAND2 realized incredibly low noise. The first level of airflow has a noise level of only 13dB, offering comfortable sleep and a pleasant morning. It provides a breeze for when you need to read books or concentrate on work.

Overwhelming Airflow.

Super powerful airflow, 40km/h. (Result of airflow measurement at 3cm away)

The wind reaches up to 8m when operating at maximum airflow. (45% higher compared to conventional desktop circulator)

Timer LED indicator

Desired Power for the Desired Time.

If you press and hold the power button for 5 seconds when the power is on, the timer is set and the timer LED indicator at the bottom of the power button blinks and lights up. You can change or turn off the timer depending on how many times you press the button.

** Step 1. - 1 Hour Timer I Step 2. - 3 Hour Timer

LED Indicator

Battery at a Glance.

You can check the remaining battery level with the LED indicator on the top of the Power Button. When it’s on, the airflow indicator lights up. Press the power button for 2 seconds and the LED indicator blinks once and the remaining battery is displayed.


Press the power button located on the base of the main unit to start. The wind speed is adjusted according to the number of button presses, and the LED indicator shows the wind speed and remaining battery level (**press and hold for 2 seconds). Press and hold the button for 5 seconds to set the timer mode.

Wind speed step LED indicator.

Low battery indicator.

Power Off with a Click of ‘Quick Off’.

A 'Quick Off' function has been added to the LUMENA N9-FAN STAND2 to allow users to turn off the power by pressing the button once during use. 

** 'Quick Off' mode works 1 minute after power on.

Use Throughout the Year with the Air Circulation Function.

The LUMENA N9-FAN STAND2 has a powerful airflow of 5W, circulating air during cooling / heating to create a more even indoor temperature.

Safety Net

Easy Separation for Easy Cleaning with Water.

Remove the safety net easily with one touch for clean and healthy use.


LUMENA GUIDE makes your day pleasant.

Freedom from Cords.

You can bring a pleasant wind anywhere you go. Wirelessly, indoors or out. 

Working, cooking, studying, even changing diapers, you are ready to go.

Ultra Power Saving Performance.

Only 0.9 W power consumption on the first level, which is lower than a TV standby mode. You can use it 24/7 without worrying about your electricity bill.

Keep Quiet for Peaceful Night.

First level, ultra-low mode's quiet and gentle breeze to keep your baby comfortable. Adjust the angle to create an indirect wind to stay fresh during the sleep.


LUMENA GUIDE makes your day pleasant.

The Day Begins with Refreshment.

The beginning of the day can determine the condition of the day. Rich and soft wind helps to start the morning refreshed. Whishing your day will be full of excitement.

Bring the Pleasant to Humid Spaces.

Add some cool breeze to create a pleasant atmosphere in humid spaces such as in the locker room after the shower, laundry room during drying cloths. The air circulator function can be used throughout the year.

Rechargeable Desktop Circulator Fan