Rechargeable Circulator Fan


CLAYMORE's V-600 is a wireless air circulating fan. With a large capacity battery, Li-ion 6,000mAh, it can be used up to 15 hours with just one charge. Works perfectly as a power bank. 

The wind speed can be adjusted in 4 levels and the safety net is detachable for dust-free storing. Easy to carry with the attached handle and can be used in countless ways with the attachable tripod. 

Wireless Use

Up to 15 hours


Air Circulation Structure

4 Steps

Wind Speed Control


Built-in Battery Cell

Grab Handle

Hangable Air Circulator

Tripod Compatible

Package includes a tripod

Vertically Adjustable

Tilt up to 45 degrees

Safety Net

Separation / Cleaning


  • Micro 5-pin USB rechargeable (Li-ion 6,000mAh)

  • Wireless-portable fan/air circulator for all season

  • Removable safety net for easy cleaning

  • Timer, Powerbank function

  • 4 step wind speed, 1~4 hours timer setting

  • 15 hrs in low-speed, 4 hrs in high-speed run time

  • Quiet (15 dB) and powerful (5.8 m/s) air flow

  • Hanging, mounting on the tripod

  • Package includes a USB cable, tripod


  • Product Name : CLAYMORE FAN V-600

  • Model No. : CLFN-V600WG

  • Size : 243 x 226 x 350 mm / 95.66 x 88.97 x 137.79 inch

  • Weight : 506 g / 1.11 lb

  • Battery : Li-ion 3.7V 6,000mAh

  • Input : DC 5V / 2A

  • Power Consumption : 12W 

  • Run Time : 5 hrs ~ 15 hrs

  • Charging Time : 4 hrs

  • In the Box : CLAYMORE V-600, Micro 5pin USB Cable, Triple Leg,User Manual

ⓐ Wind speed control button

1~4 level wind speed.

ⓑ Timer setting button

1~4 hours timer setting.

ⓒ LED Indicator

Timer / Wind Speed Level Display

ⓓ Tripod compatible (1/4" socket)

1/4 inch mounting hole makes it convenient to use with a tripod or the included stand. 

ⓔ USB Out port

Power bank function.

ⓕ Power In port

For charging main body.

Wireless, Use Anywhere Without Limitations

The 6,000mAh battery lasts up to 15 hours, feel the cool breeze anywhere at indoor or outdoor activities. 

* If the battery level is too low, the 4th level wind speed may not be functioning to protect the usage time. 

Utilizing the Hangable Air Circulator

Tips on using the fan during colder days

Aim the circulator fan towards the heater by hanging it on the ceiling of a shelter or tarp. This will circulate the heat from the heater to the bottom of the area. Stay warm for a long time through the night and during the winter months. 

* The product may melt when it is placed too near the heater. Keep at least 2 meters away from direct heat. 

Claymore's V-600 can be used it in its normal form as a standing air circulator but it can also be hung on the ceiling with its handle tilted. When camping, it can be used as a tarp/tent ceiling fan. 

Do not forcefully tilt the fan handle aggressively. It can cause damage to the product.

Cool, powerful and natural breeze

With 3 wide blades and a spiral-shaped fan-guard, the V-600 circulator fan provides airflow from a natural breeze to a cooling powerful wind.

* maximum wind speed 5.8m/s (measured from the distance of 5cm)

Easily attach and remove the triple leg

The 1/4 inch mounting hole at the bottom makes it convenient to use with a tripod or the included stand. 

Refresh while recharging

The V-600 can be used while charging other devices. Simply plug in a USB cable in the OUTPUT at the back of the circulator. 

Please note the V-600 cannot be used as a power bank while charging

Simple and easy controlling

With just a simple press, you can control the strength of the airflow, 1 to 4 levels. The V-600 has a convenient timer function.  

* How to use the timer : After the fan is on, press the timer button to adjust the time for 1 hr-4hrs. The indicator will light up. 


To charge the V-600, open the rubber covering on the back and connect the micro 5-pin to the charging port. 

When charging, the battery indicator will be flashing. The indicator will stay lit when it is fully charged. 

* A full charge will take approximately 4 hours. 

Adjust the angle freely, the perfect wind direction for you

Adjust the angle of the head up to 45º vertically to change the direction of the wind. 

It is not designed to oscillate horizontally. Doing so can cause product damage.



Turn the front of the safety net counter-clockwise to detach. After cleaning, dry it well. Attach it clockwise back to the main body.


The main body cannot be cleaned with water. Use a dry cloth or a towel to wipe away any dust. 

* The blades are not detachable

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