[AIOKS] All-In-One Outdoor Kitchen System


Color: Black


  • The AIOKS is compatible with screw-on canisters (isobutane and propane blended), for example, MSR (as shown above). 
  • Propane canisters can be used as well but require an Adapter. 
  • iKamper's Propane Adapter kit allows you to use propane gas canisters, such as ones by Coleman(as shown above), to power your AIOKS stove. 
  • The kit includes two Adapters, one for each stove. 
  • Each Adapter screws onto the bottom of the stove. 

The AIOKS [eye-ox] has everything you need for outdoor cooking, all in ONE box. 

  • Compact: All your outdoor kitchen needs fit in the aluminum box. 
  • Spacious: Seats 4 or more people comfortably. 
  • Two-Burner System: 7500BTU of power, engineered in Korea. 
  • Portable: Only 20lbs so can easily be rolled or carried. 
  • Premium materials: Aluminum 5052, birch plywood, and stainless steel. 
  • Safe: Gas stoves are CSA-certified. 



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