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Premium Starter Recovery Gear Kit with Strap
Freedom Recovery Gear is proud to release the first of many recovery kits. These kits are designed to take the guesswork out of what you need, and offer additional savings over individually priced items. They feature our Canadian Made Products such as Recovery Straps or Recovery Ropes, Made In Canada Synthetic Winch Ropes and extenders, and our Canadian Premium Soft Shackles.
Our Starter Kit
  • Freedom Recovery Strap 3” x 30’ High Visibility Orange MBS 24,000 lbs,  approx. 10% stretch
  • Van BeestGreen Pin Screw Pin Bow Shackles WLL 4 ¾ t Safety Factor 6:1
  • Freedom Recovery Gear Supreem-X Soft Shackle (Assorted colour) with chafe guard MBS 35,000 lbs
  • FRG Medium Recovery Gear Storage Bag 48x22x20cm (21 litres) with YKK Zippers

Upgrade to a 7/8" Kinetic Recovery Rope for greater kinetic energy transfer due to the massive stretch of almost 30% and it comes with upgraded soft shackles to 7/16" (MBS 45,000 lbs)

Our Straps are Manufactured and rated by a company that specializes in making straps for the rigging industry, and not the recreation off-road market, you know these straps are going to be up to the task with extra heavy-duty reinforced eyes.

With a Minimum Break Strength of 24,000 pounds based on destructive testing as assemblies and not a calculation, these straps come with realistic ratings. The Manufactures label specifies all the details you need to know when rigging, if your gear doesn’t come with a label how will you remember what is rated for?

Freedom Recovery Strap is specifically designed to stretch under load for maximum performance, an FRG Recovery Strap is a very effective method of extracting a vehicle mired in mud, snow, or sand, this is a quick and efficient recovery method when a second vehicle is present.

We’ve chosen a 3” width in high visibility Orange with a double reflective conspicuity thread for nigh visibility at night. 

Freedom Recovery Strap in a 3” x 30’ length will stretch approximately 3’ under full load.

This strap size is appropriate for a vehicles 6-8,000 lbs like a 4 Door Jeep or Toyota Tacoma, and even up to ½ ton truck. We recommend about a 3:1 safety factor when sizing you recovery Strap.

Van Beest Green Pin Screw Pin Shackle are a  ¾” Screw Pin Bow Shackle and are one of the standard items needed in every recovery Kit.

Freedom Recovery Gear 3/8” Supeem-X Soft Shackle is a premium Canadian Made Soft shackle with a minimum breaking Strength (MBS) 35,000 lbs, this is a necessity in any recovery kit. While it performs a job similar to a screw pin shackle, this can perform in many situations a hard shackle cannot. 

Do not Use this on any sharp edges.
Finally a convenient Storage Bag to keep all your gear organized.
  • Always read the label / Markings on your gear for proper ratings.
  • Avoid abrasive surfaces and any sharp edges.
  • Make Sure your Attachment point is capable of holding the load you will place on it.
  • Always Visually Inspect your rope and spliced eyes before use and during attachment to each vehicle.
  • Use shackles of an appropriate strength for the rope and consider switching to soft shackles ( Low Mass ) for increased safety.
  • Test before use. Try light pulls to test attachment before pulling at maximum force.
  • Crawl (tractions extraction), walk (2-3 mph), Run 4-5mph)  with no more than 6’ of slack
  • Keep spectators out of the tow zone 1 ½ times farther than the strap can reach.
  • Do not tie a knot, A knot can reduce a rope’s strength by as much as half.*

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