[RHD-771] SMA-F U/V Elite Antenna 15.4Inch Dual Band 144/430MHz

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RHD-771 - SMA-F U/V Elite Antenna 15.4Inch Dual Band 144/430MHz
The flexible sma-f dual band antenna is soild and durable, which not only can expand your communication range, but also can make your travel safer and more convenient.

  • Give you a safer and more convenient travel
    The longer antenna can expand your communication range and improve your safety outdoors; the flexible and bendable antenna makes it more convenient for you to carry when you travel.
  • More efficient teamwork
    The rugged two way radio antenna can significantly enhance your radio signal, make your communication with your teammates clearer and more effective, and improve the efficiency of your cooperation with the team
  • More convenient to use
    Solid handheld radio antenna, light and portable, easy to install and use
  • Suitable for multiple environments
    Flexible walkie talkie antenna, suitable for different working environment, such as: construction, factory, security, medical, school, enterprise, warehouse; It is also an ideal choice for outdoor radio enthusiasts(camping, military training, mountaineering, exploration etc)
  • Connector SMA-F; length approx 37.7cm
  • Dual frequency 144/430MHz (136-174+400-480MHz)
  • Gain 2.15db and extend the range of your communication
  • Flexible and bend but don't break; the longer the antenna is the better the antenna is capable of boosting weak frequencies
  • SMA-F antenna fits Retevis RT-5R RT6 RT7 RT29 BAOFENG BF-F8HP UV5R UV-82 Kenwood TK-250 and more
Applications Model
  • RETEVIS: H-777,RT-5R,RT-B6,RT-5RV,888s Plus,RT5
  • KENWOOD: TK-360,TK-370,TK-370G,TK-372,TK-372G,TK-3100,TK-3140,TK-3160,TK-3170,TK-3180,TK-3200,TK-3202,TK-3207
  • BAOFENG/Pofung: BF-666s,BF-777s,BF-888s,UV5R,UV5RA,UV-5RB,5RC,5RD,UV-6,UV-8,5RE plus,BF-F8+,UV-B6,UV-B5,BF-K5,BF-A5,BF-A58,UV-A52,UV-82
  • WOUXUN: KG-UVD1P,KG-UV6D,KG-689,KG-689Plus,KG-669,KG-669Plus,KG-659,KG-699E,KG-859,KG-879,KG-929
  • QUANSHENG: TG-K4AT,TG-K100,TG-K200,TG-K58Mini,TG-6A,TG-5A,TG-620,TG-5A Plus,TG-K4AT(UV),TG-360
  • HYT: TC-268,TC-268S,TC-368,TC-368S,TC-370S,TC-500-TC-500S
  • LINTON: LT-3288,LT-6288,LT-3188,LT-2188,LT-3260,LT-3268,LT-6188
  • PUXING: PX-777,PX-777Plus,PX-666,PX-888,PX-888K
  • For most handheld radio

Model: RHD-771
Band: Dual band VHF/UHF
Antenna Type: SMA-F Soft Antenna
Frequency: 144/430Mhz(136-174+400-470)MHz
Gain: 2.15dB
Max Power: 20 Watts
VSWR: Less than 1.5 Downwards
Impedance: 50ohm
Connector Type: SMA-F(Female)
Omni Polarization: Vertical
Radiation: Omni
Material: ABS and Heat shrinkable sleeve
Length: 39 cm / 15.4 inch(approx)
Weight: 34 g / 1.19 oz

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