Price Matching & Protection
We want to ensure that you are happy with your shopping experience. With that said, Bigtent Outdoors will attempt to price match your purchase if a competitor offers it at a lower price.


Price Matching

  • If a product purchased through us is available for a lower price, please refer us to the product page (URL link), and we will attempt to match it’s price.
  • This does not apply to price differences from the source of our website. It may take a few days for the price adjustment to take effect on Google Shopping.

Note* The product must be exact and in-stock to validate the price protection


Price Protection

  • If one of our products has a price drop within 30 days of purchase, contact with your original order number and Invoice.
  • Bigtent Outdoors will create a Store Credit (a coupon code) for the difference in price, excluding taxes and shipping.
  • Store Credit cannot be used in combination with other coupon codes.
  • Store Credit will expire in 6 months after activation.
  • Price Protection does not include Clearance sales, Holiday sales, Black Friday, and Flash sales events.