How to Survive The Freezing Cold

How to Survive The Freezing Cold

Snow camping is good and all but what should you prepare?

You need to be extra careful when camping in the snow! Let’s see what you can do to prevent from freezing 🥶


For A Good Sleep

It is crucial to prepare your sleep system especially when you ground camp. The cold air stays on the ground making you to be freezing cold when you are closer to the ground.


Important to make your body warm before you get into the sleeping bag!
🏃🏻‍♂️Do a short cardio beforehand 🏃🏻‍♀️

For A Safe Drive

Even winter tires may not save you from danger. Bring recovery gears such as MAXTRAX and Winch Kit. It will be nice to walk the path first before you drive to check if it’s okay to drive.

For A Better Experience

Be careful of getting wet

It is so easy to get wet with the snow surrounded and you need to be as dry as possible. Also try to limit sweating. If you sweat a lot in a cold weather, it could be dangerous!

Be careful of being hungry

Your body needs calories to maintain the body temperature. So if your body doesn’t have enough calories, it will struggle to stay warm.

Be careful of losing battery

You know the struggle when your phone dies due to cold temperature. Same goes with your camping gears that have batteries. So be sure to charge them and place your phone or important ones inside the blanket to prevent losing batteries quick.

💡Did you know?

You can boil snow and drink them as water! But be sure to use the fresh snow ❄️

You can also visit here to check out more information about how to be safe!

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