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Anh-Duy N.

The HC steps makes it much safer for the kids and furry pets to go in and out of the tent.

The construction and marksmanship is outstanding like most of Ikamper lines. I have the ikamper double air mattress along with 4 sleepings in the tent at all times and managed to leave the hc steps on the ladder with the tent closed and it was a very tight fit. I would not recommend leaving the HC steps attached to the ladder with the twnt closed as it could damage the tent. It's a bit annoying to install but makes the experience much safer for the little ones and for that I give it 5 stars. Thanks Ikamper!

Great light I love the features

Great piece of equipment, well made

Highend design and the various light mood is amazing! I want to carry that everywhere!

I love the claymore lights. Great light output and are designed to be used on outdoor adventures.

It’s a Christmas gift. It hasn’t been opened yet. Maybe sometime next summer after it’s been used camping, I can give you a review.

I have used multiple headlamp brands over the last 30 years. This is simply the best.

Exactly what I needed,

I’m sorry I cannot review this at this time. It is a Christmas gift for our son and daughter-in-law. They won’t be using it until ski season is over, so until then, I’m not able to say how they like it. I would be happy to review next summer after they’ve had a chance to use it. One positive thing is the package was sent almost immediately and arrived plenty early before Christmas.

The original order showed up defective. The company was great in immediately sending out a replacement.

Lucian M.

Good storage solution to go with the ikamper tent!

Very well built and very functional

Absolutely Love the brightness!!

Claymore Light is a product that I can highly recommend.
It's a great product to use easily.
It's a little expensive but it's worth it.

J'ai une Skycamp 3.0. J'ai eu un problème avec l'usure prématuré d'une toile. Service après vente 5 étoiles. Très bon service de garantie. La toile a été remplacée.

J'ai longtemps hésité avant d'acheter à cause du prix. Mais finalement, ça vaut vraiment le coût de choisir iKamper!!

Vraiment content de mon achat!


Brad H.

Took a few tries to get it maximized but wow there is so much space. The quality is superior to others I've owned. Highly recommended.

Beautiful and multifunctional. The battery did not last long tho

Beautiful! The battery lasted the whole night! 😊

I love these boxes! Everything is super organized now when I go camping! I can even use it as a table and I have more surface! The doors that open from every side of the box is very handy!!

Caitlyn T.

The mattress is very comfortable. The only downside is deflation and inflation takes a lot longer than our 3 min set up and take down previously. Well worth it for a good nights sleep.

Great people to deal with highly recommended

Amazing customer service.


Amazing addition! A must have!

A very well built fridge slide. Seems solid and the slide action is excellent. I had to drill a couple extra mounting holes for it to fit in my gladiator. I definitely recommend.