New Brand Story: Wood&Burn

New Brand Story: Wood&Burn

What’s A Secret Behind Wood And Burn’s Success?

This is the right place to learn more about the brand, its craftsmanship and more!

Wood and Burn is a brand specializing in fire stove, fire pit, and grills. It first started off by the owner/craftsman deciding to make his own stoves and fire pits to camp.


Prosumer Mindset Leads To Its Success

Tae Hwan Kim considers himself as a prosumer which is a term describes a person who consumes and produces at the same time. Drawing on his extensive background as a power plant engineer, he integrates advanced technology of the dynamics of fire and air. This unique blend of expertise and experience has enabled him to develop a product that satisfies customers including himself.


Uniconn S Firepit/Grill

Uniconn S Firepit/Grill is perfect size for one to two persons BBQ. It can also be your side grill for small amount of foods.


Helpful Tips:

  1. Using charcoal is better for cooking than using fire woods.
  2. It’s better to grill beef than pork due to the amount of oil pork produces. However, with the add-on grill, you can cook anything you desire thanks to its curved design.
  3. You can use baking soda and vinegar to clean the remaining oil on the surface.


    Pro PS

    Pro PS is a reverse burning pellet stove increasing its popularity with unique Air Curtain technology, exceptional convenience, and cost efficiency.


    Helpful Tips:

    1. The pipes need to be stacked at least 7m height in order to use the Pro PS safe.
    2. Air curtain tech allows you to have a clean main glass but if you need to wipe the glass, you can easily take it out and clean it.


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