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The Annex gives you extra room on the ground to spread out, privacy for a quick change of clothes, and 100% waterproof protection from the elements. We even added an extra layer of mosquito netting for swat-free picnics in the shade. The Annex is easy to set up and zips right onto your Skycamp 2.0, Skycamp 2X, X-Cover, or Mini.

Be sure to select the Annex model that is compatible with your RTT (Skycamp Annex and Skycamp 2X Annex are NOT compatible).


The Annex for the Skycamp Mini has two variants: the HI version for higher placement (e.g., a RTT on a lifted Jeep) and the LO version for lower placement (e.g., an RTT on the bed of a Tacoma). Please read the Specifications below.

  • Great way to add more living space to your camp
  • Easy, intuitive setup
  • 100% waterproof material (150D Polyester with 3000mm PU color coating)
  • 3 large doors that can convert into canopies
  • Cover and mosquito net for all doors
  • Attaches to the main entrance zipper
Canopy Poles**

Canopy poles for converting the doors into canopies need to be purchased separately.
Included in one set: 2 poles, 2 stakes, 2 ropes, and 2 rope stoppers.

    Skycamp 2.0 and Skycamp 2X Model Dimensions
    141.7” x 122” x 70.8"

    Skycamp X-Cover Model Dimensions
    165.3” x 122” x 70.8"

    Skycamp Mini Model HI Dimensions
    118” to 134” x 118” to 134” x 67.3” to 78.7" (for crossbar heights of 67.3” to 78.7" (171 cm to 200 cm)

    Skycamp Mini Model LO Dimensions
    118” to 134” x 118” to 134” x 59” to 67" (for crossbar heights of 59” to 67" (150 cm to 170 cm)

    Depending on the model, the Annex is compatible with vehicles that have roof racks up to 82" (210 cm) off the ground. The poles have a minimum height of 69" (175 cm).

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