The ONLY Headlamp You Will Ever Need
Batteries always dead in your headlamp. Or is it always dim because the batteries seem to flat over time. Never Bright Enough? Wish your headlamp or flashlight would also work as an area light for your campsite? When working on your vehicle on the trail, does you headlamp always seem to light up the wrong area? You need the Claymore Head+ at Modula Racks. We've used the Claymore Heady Plus headlight while camping and night riding MTB trails and have been so incredibly impressed with this light. So we decided to do this video review in place of a lumen test to try and find out which light is the brightest at night. In this test we have a Black Dimond headlamp rated at 300 lumen a Coast headlamp rated at 195 lumen and the Claymore Heady Plus headlamp rated at 600 lumen. If someone in your family is an outdoor adventure who loves camping, hiking or is a handyman the Claymore Heady makes for an awesome gift idea. See for yourself which one you think is best and pick one up from our website, you won't be disappointed.