The Bigtent and Overland Garage Installation Partnership is an exciting announcement we have been waiting to share with our local customers. Starting from 2022, heavy modifications and specialized installations will be taken care of by our friends over at Overland Garage in Burnaby, BC.

Don't worry! The Bigtent Garage will still be open and will continue to offer installations on selected products.

From Australia to Canada

"Overland Garage was founded based on the vision to help bring the experience and expertise from Australia to the 4WD market in Canada.

In 2019, we set off to multiple expeditions in various terrains, spanning some of the greatest and most remote destinations in Australia, including a solo trek reaching the geographical centre of Australia & across the 1100+ arid sand dunes of the Simpson Desert.

Over 80,000km later, we are back to our home continent. Bringing back not only our vehicles but also the knowledge and experiences gained from our remote travels. We've returned to Canada with a mission: to bring the proven methods and products from our overland travels to our beloved local 4WD community in Canada."

- Overland Garage

The best is yet to come

As our product selection grows, we have decided to solidify this partnership to strengthen the structure of Bigtent Outdoors. Overland Garage is one of the most respected 4x4 companies within our community, and we are very excited for what’s to come with this partnership. 

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