[CAPON 40B] Rechargeable Cap Light

Color: Black


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‘The new standard in wearable lighting.’
The CAPON 40B offers ultra-lightweight advantage, providing 230 LM, 3 lighting modes (Focus / Flood / Red Diffused). With its internal rechargeable lithium battery, say good-bye to buying batteries!
With its luxurious design, ease of use, beautiful color pallets, the CAPON 40B will enhance your outdoor leisure experience.

  • Ultra compact (29g / 0.06lb), multipurpose clip-on light
  • Micro 5-pin rechargeable (400mAh)
  • 3 lighting modes; focus-light, flood mode, and diffused light with red LED
  • Focus_2~12 hours, Flood_2~12 hours, Red diffused_2.5~12 hours of runtime
  • Focus_16~230 lumens, Flood_16~230 lumens, Red diffused_1~20 lumens of brightness
  • In focus mode, 3~50 meters (9.8~164 feet) of light distance
  • Fine dimming control by one button press and hold
  • Battery level indicator, SOS mode included
  • Easy to fasten clip / carabiner ring for hanging
  • Dust proof / weather proof (IP54)
  • 1 LM = 1 Lumen = 1 Candlelight



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