[ATHENA I] Rechargeable Lantern

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Product Name:

Model No.:

LED Color Temperature:
1300K - 1500K - 6500K

30 - 950 lumens

Li-ion 3.6V 9,800mAh (35.57Wh)

Charging time:
3.5 hrs

Run Time:
Lamp (8 - 88 hrs)
Mosquito Repeller (6 - 12 hrs)
Lamp+Repeller (4.5 - 11 hrs)

USB 5V2A ~9V2A (18W) fast charging Type-C

USB 5V2A ~9V2A (18W) fast charging Type-C

Size :
102.6 × 85.3 × 60.5 mm / 4.04 x 3.36 x 2.38

316 g / 0.7 lbs

In the Box:
Athena I, Pouch, USB Type-C Cable, User Manual

Made In Korea

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Classic Design Meets New Technology

A beautiful light created through art and technology in your hands. Explore the Claymore lamp that truly shines with the light of a Claymore, dedicated to a single goal of creating bright light.

Portable Mosquito Repeller

3 lighting Modes

Breeze (1300-1500K), Sunset (1300K/1500K), Daylight (6500K)

Tripod Compatible (1/4" socket)

No More Mosquitoes

The Athena I cleverly has a compartment to store and activate up to two mosquito repeller pads.


How to Utilize the Mosquito Repeller Feature

Open the repeller pad cover on the top of the light, place one or two mosquito pads on the heating plate, and make sure to securely close the lid.

Press and hold the fumigator power button on the upper left for 2 seconds to activate the fumigator. With pad 1 on, press the button briefly once to turn on pad 2. Short press again to illuminate pad 1 and pad 2 simultaneously. Press it again to turn it off.

* Activate Repeller: Mat1 > Mat2 > Mat1 & Mat2 > Deactivate Repeller

Precautions for using Mosquito Repeller

The heating plate may be very hot, so be careful not to touch it.

Avoid use in enclosed spaces and only activate in well ventilated environments.

Do not cover the product with flammable materials/ fabrics (blankets, curtains, etc...)

Only insert 1 repeller pad for indoor use.

If there is a high level of wind movement from fans, air conditioners, etc, the mosquito repelling properties may decrease.

Inhalation of pyrenoid may cause sneezing, rhinitis, asthma, coma, headache, tinnitus, and nausea, therefore avoid use in enclosed spaces like the bedroom.

Do not tilt the Mosquito Repeller upside down or sideways.

Do not use it other than the intended use and usage method.

Only use this product for its intended use.

Enjoy Multifunctional Technology

Not only does the Athena I serve as a repeller for pesky mosquitoes, it doubles as a functional mood light for those dark and gloomy days.

No Glare

Enjoy the brigtness of Claymore lights without the harsh glare thanks to its high quality diffusion filter.

3 Different Moods

Breeze (1300-1500K), Sunset (1300K/1500K), Daylight (6500K)

The Athena I provides 3 color temperatures (Breeze / Sunset / Daylight). Change the mood with your preferred color temp. according to the situation.

Power Bank Function

Power bank feature optimized for smart outdoor life. When the charging cable is connected to the USB port, charging starts automatically.

* The lamp cannot be charged while using the power bank function simultaneously.

Battery Level Indicator
When charging, the battery level display blinks. When charging is complete, it stays on without blinking.

Sturdy Travel Case

All Athena I Rechargeable Lanterns will come protected in a sturdy travel case made to withstand daily use. 

Endless Mounting Options

Functional and Luxurious

The leather strap, which is designed to be easy to carry on the move, is not only made to look great, but serves an important function.

Tripod Socket Application

The 1/4 inch screw hole located at the bottom of the Athena I enables various mounting possibilities from a lantern stand, camera tripod, light reflector, light stand, multi pile-driver etc.

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