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HC LADDER 3.0 only 2 left

Standard with all of our iKamper RTTs, this adjustable ladder is stable on any terrain.

Type: HC Ladder 3.0

Designed for Safety and Comfort

Things happen. That’s why we make spare parts. Whether your ladder has been damaged and needs replacement or you’re simply planning ahead. Angled steps offer sure footing and an easier climb into your roof top tent.

We’ve added angled steps that make it easier (and a bit less awkward-looking) to climb, and this ladder comes standard with all of our iKamper RTTs. The ladder measures 88.5" (225 cm) and is suitable for heights up to 81.5" (206 cm). Grab one as a replacement or as a backup if you’re one of those overlanding aficionados who is always thinking ahead. 




18.5” x 88.5” x 3” The ladder extends to a maximum of 88.5" (225 cm), and is intended for use with heights up to 81.5" (206 cm).


14 lb (6 kg)



Compatibility Note
  • HC Ladder 3.0 is compatible with Skycamp 3.0, Skycamp 3.0 Mini, and BDV.
  • HC Ladder 2.0 is compatible with Skycamp 2.0, X-Cover 1.0 and 2.0