[RABAIMA BAG W] Double Sleeping Bag

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Model: 600


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With your family or partner, depending on the season

Suitable up to the end of camping season in autumn.
2-person sleeping bag series makes sleeping even more enjoyable. By sharing body heat, you can enjoy a warm, relaxing sleep. With children, it can fit even more than two, making it suitable for families.

RABAIMA BAG W 400 Construction

  • This construction is very simple and minimizes weight. The inside and outside layers are directly sewn together for a lightweight and compact structure. This specific construction is used for summer bags.
RABAIMA BAG W 600 Construction

  • This is the most efficient method for optimizing the insulating quality of down. A breathable mesh is layered between the inside and outside layers, and is equipped with crosswise boxes to prevent clumping to one side.
NANGA x YKK parts which reduce snagging and catching

When handling a sleeping bag made with the thinnest of fabrics, there is the fear that the fasteners might catch or snag, preventing the bag from opening or closing, or if deeply snagged, may even cause damage to the fabric. To reduce such problems, we installed specialized YKK parts as fasteners, which diminished the gaps which can cause snagging, and have led to the achievement of a reduction in fabric snagging and damage due to snagging of the fasteners. Furthermore, we utilized resin in our materials to make our parts more lightweight (1.6g) and added phosphorescent capabilities to make it easier to open and close in the dark.

  • Due to the concave shape in the upper portion of these specialized parts, the fasteners can guide the fabric to the center, reducing the probability of snagging.

  • With phosphorescent capabilities, these parts will glow in the dark, and help make fastening and opening much easier.



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