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Building community, sharing stories and embracing moments, while making memories, one campfire at a time.

You've Never Had a Campfire Like This

Meet the Original Fire Reflector by MC Ranch Overland. A simple solution to create a warmer and more comfortable campfire experience.


Camping / Overlanding


Cozy up around the fire with twice the radiant heat of a normal campfire.

Enjoy a brighter and warmer glow from your campfire.

Block the wind for a more consistent fire with less fire disruptions.

Added safety by providing a comfortable way to approach the fire.

Durable 10 gauge brushed aluminum that will never rust and will last a lifetime.

High quality military grade carrying case.

Made in USA and Canada.

Packs flat for easy transport with no rattles while on the trail.

Packed Size: 635 x 635 x 38.1 mm / 25 x 25 x 1.5 inch
Opened Size: 609.6 x 2,438.4 mm / 24 x 96 inch
Reflective Surface Area: Up To 16 Sq feet
Weight: 12.24 kg / 27 lb
Cool Down Time: 90 Seconds
Materials: 10 Gauge Fladdered Finished Aircraft Aluminum

Download the The Original Fire Reflector manual here.

Meet the Makers

Mike & Carolyn have been outdoor survivalists in the mountains of British Columbia for over 30 years where -10 degree temperatures and snow is common even during the summer. It was on one particularly cold night that the idea for the Original Fire Reflector by MC Ranch Overland was born.  

Together they developed a solution to maximize the heat and warmth from their fire. It needed to pack small enough to fit in with the rest of their gear, and needed to be durable to survive the harshest trails.  

Commitment to Quality

Your purchase of The Original Fire Reflector by MC Ranch Overland is a vote of support to an obsession with producing quality products that will last a lifetime and are produced in a sustainable way. We don’t outsource any engineering or manufacturing.


A Warmer & More Comfortable Fire Experience in Any Weather

Ever stood by a fire and had someone stand in between you and the fire? You’re cold instantly. Why? Because they are blocking the radiant heat from the fire. The Original Fire Reflector by MC Ranch Overland increases the radiant heat by over 100%, providing you with a warmer fire.

The best part is that radiant heat doesn’t travel through air, it travels in waves at the speed of light and therefore is almost entirely unaffected by wind. This makes radiant heat the perfect heat source for camping and other outdoor applications.

The Original Fire Reflector bounces the heat produced by your fire back to you making your fire almost twice as warm. 


Block the Wind for a More Controlled Fire

The Original Fire Reflector’s four large 24in x 24in panels make a perfect wind break to get the fire started and keep the fire going even in the windiest conditions.

Simply set your Fire Reflector close to your fire to block the wind. Once it is safely lit you can move the reflector back a foot or two for optimal heat reflection.

In extreme wind situations the Original Fire Reflector can be staked into the ground by using the built in staking tabs located at the far corners of the reflector.

Thoughtfully Designed

Each part the Original Fire Reflector by MC Overland was custom engineered and crafted to create an heirloom product that is portable, environmentally responsible, and an overall better campfire experience. Every “Original Fire Reflector” and carrying case is custom made in Canada. 

The reflectors are CNC machined with water jet, then hand finished and assembled. The robust carrying cases are also handmade. The reflector is designed to last a lifetime acting as the arena or theater for sharing stories, making memories and enhancing our collective community… One campfire at a time.


A Warm Glow Creates a Place for Community

The Original Fire Reflector by MC Ranch Overland bounces the light from the fire which warmly illuminates the fire area with a natural glow that is bright enough to allow you to move about your campsite safely.


Approach Your Fire with Protection

The Original Fire Reflector allows you to safely and comfortably adjust your fire from behind the protective shield it provides.

Fire Prevention

A Better Way to Keep Your Fire Under Control

In 2020 over 4 million acres of land was destroyed by over 8300 forrest fires. Many of these were completely preventable with basic fire safety precautions. The Original Fire Reflector works as a barrier to wind reducing the flight of hot embers.


Built to Last Many Lifetimes

The Original Fire Reflector is built to withstand anything you can throw at it. It is manufactured by hand in Canada and the USA from 10 gauge aircraft-grade aluminum, which is exceptionally strong and lightweight. The hinges are hand machined into place. With its 100% aluminum construction it will be rust free for as long as you own it. Simply put, there is nothing to break or corrode.


Small Enough to Fit in Any Kit

When overlanding or camping, space is at a premium. The Original Fire Reflector by MC Ranch Overland is 24in x 24in x 2in wide. It packs flat to fit under or beside other items. The sturdy construction and high quality bag make it 100% rattle free when on the trail.

Quality Bag

Built to Last Many Lifetimes

The Original Fire Reflector by MC Ranch Overland includes a high-quality military grade protective bag that will last as long as your fire reflector. Manufactured in the USA by The Last US Bag company, the bag features Delron military grade zippers and durable canvas. Working together we have custom engineered a bag that is lightweight and exceptionally strong.

Beauty in the Simplicity

No Assembly/ Rust Free Materials/ High Quality Bag

The Original Fire Reflector by MC Ranch Overland prides itself on its simplistic yet rugged design. There are no fasteners or bolts to lose and no tools to fumble with at night.

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