[3 FACE+] Rechargeable Area Light

Size: Medium


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'More Powerful Brightness for More Space' 
The 3FACE+ has been designed with sufficient brightness for long term use in outdoor activities and industrial fields. With a unique design and powerful performance beyond imagination, there is no longer a dark blind spot.

  • Exclusive adapter quick charge (3x faster than USB charge)
  • 3 sizes / capacities
  • 3 light color temperatures (Cool White / Natural White / Warm White)
  • Solid three-dimensional design
  • Bright light emitted from three sides for wide coverage area
  • Separated lighting control (Center / Side)
  • Large capacity battery that can be used outdoors for extended periods
  • Battery level indicator and power bank function included
  • 3-level preset brightness, including an SOS mode
  • High density / high power Samsung lithium-ion battery and LED chip
  • Dust proof / weather proof (IP54)
  • Hotshoe adapter / tripod compatible (1/4" socket)
  • 1 LM = 1 Lumen = 1 Candlelight



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