[Pro PS] with Chimney Set

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Explore the Pro PS by Wood&Burn: a sleek, pellet-only stove designed for ultimate ease of use.

Package includesPellet Burner, Main Body, Heat-Resistant Glass, Pro PS Carry Bag, Pipe Set, Pipe Carry Bag

Title: with Chimney Set

🔥 Reverse Burning Pellet Stove 🔥


The excitement around Wood&Burn's reverse burning pellet stove comes from its unique Air Curtain technology, exceptional convenience, and cost efficiency. The Air Curtain technology offers an innovative way to keep the glass clean from soot due to heat, allowing users to always enjoy a clear view of the flames. This significantly reduces the hassle and discomfort commonly experienced with wood logs, enhancing the ease of stove maintenance.

Moreover, using pellets is about 7 times cheaper than wood logs, and they're much easier to transport and store. The ability to maintain a stable indoor temperature without worrying about smoke or odors provides a clean and healthy living environment for users.

Sharing from our BigTent Outdoor staff's experience, even during a December winter camping trip, we could sleep warmly without a sleeping bag, thanks to the pro ps feature. All these factors combined are why WoodnBurn's reverse burning pellet stove has received such enthusiastic acclaim from the public.


  • High Efficiency. The Pro PS features long travel technology that ensures increasing heat, more complete burning of wood and significantly reducing smoke output
  • Innovative Design. A sleek and modern design that not only serves as a heating source but also as a centerpiece in any space. Enjoy the burning flames and full glory
  • Incorporating Air Curtain Technology. Triple-Sided Glass window that remains clear and unburned, allowing for uninterrupted viewing of the flames inside
  • Prolonged heat for up to 8 hours. Say goodbye to the midnight wake-up calls to replenish the fire. Uninterrupted Night's warmth



Pro PS

  • Pellet Burner: STS340 (Made in Korea)
  • Main Body, Exterior: STS430 (Made in Korea)
  • Heat-Resistant Glass: NEG Neoceram (Made in Japan)
  • Main Body: 16.5kg(36.4lb)
  • Total Weight (Main Body + Hopper + Pellet Box Bag): 25kg(55.1lb)

Heat-Resistant Glass Size

  • Front: 31cm * 13.5cm(12.2in * 5.3in)
  • Side: 19cm * 11.5cm(7.5in * 4.5in)
  • Chamber: 7.5cm * 10.5cm(3in * 4.1in)

Height from Bottom to Flue Connection

  • 359mm(14.1in)
  • Equipped with an 80mm(31.5in) female connector
  • Pro PS Main Body
  • Combustion Rod Scraper
  • Ash Drawer Scraper
  • 50cm Pipes set with carry bag (bundle only)

Air Curtain Technique

Enhanced thermal efficiency

The air curtain helps to retain heat within the space, preventing heat from escaping outside. This improves overall heating efficiency, leading to potential savings on heating costs.

Increased safety

By acting as a protective barrier between the stove's hot surfaces and users, the air curtain reduces the risk of burns from direct contact.

Maintained air quality

It helps in reducing the spread of smoke or odors generated during stove use, thus aiding in maintaining the indoor air quality.

Cleaner combustion

The optimized airflow provided by the air curtain promotes cleaner and more efficient combustion. This reduces fuel consumption and minimizes emissions.

Improved viewing experience

The air curtain prevents smoke and dust from accumulating on the interior glass, ensuring that the beauty of the flames can be enjoyed through clear glass continuously.

Components & Accessories

Default package includes: Assembled body(main body * 1ea, first combustion chamber * 1pc, ash container * 1pc, out trigger * 1pc), hopper * 1pc, and main window glass * 1pc, side window glass * 2pc, a carry bag.

Accessories: pipe set with a carry bag * 1ea

What is in a pipe set?

Please note that we only accept bundle(default package + pipe set with carry bag) at this time because of the limited quantity. Other accessories will be available soon. Keep in touch with us!

Out Trigger(Support Legs)

Out Trigger make Pro PS more stable

Compact Heating Top

Secondary Combustion

PRO PS's secondary combustion helps increase energy efficiency to produce maximized heating for your place.

Pipe Set Components

Pipe Set includes: 
elbow pipe 80Φ * 1ea,
double-wall pipe 80Φ - 50cm * 1pc,
double-wall pipe 70Φ - 50cm * 1pc,
straight pipe 80Φ - 30cm * 1pc,
straight pipe 80Φ - 50cm * 6pc,
straight pipe 75Φ - 50cm * 7pc,
reducer 80Φ male to 75Φ female * 1pc,
pipe carry bag(58*30*29cm) * 1pc

80Φ Straight * 6ea


75Φ Straight * 6ea


80Φ Straight * 1ea


80Φ-75Φ Reducer * 1ea


Double-wall * 2ea(75Φ, 80Φ each)


80Φ elbow * 1ea

Pipe Set Carry Bag

W 58 * L 29 * H 30 cm


  • The installation and safe use of the product are the responsibility of the user.
  • Stainless steel products may undergo minor deformations and discoloration due to heat, but this does not affect performance.
  • Due to the metal manufacturing process, there may be scratches, fingerprints, and welding marks.
  • The edges of the product may be sharp, so it is advised to wear gloves when handling.
  • Do not use cooking utensils with the product on its first use, as this may damage the coating.
  • The product may emit sparks depending on the method of use and user habits.
  • The surface of the product can become very hot during use, posing a risk of burns.
  • Overheating the product can cause deformation.
  • Pouring water on the hot product can cause deformation.
  • Products that have been ignited/used cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • Purchasing the product is considered an acknowledgment of its intended use, methods of use, and safety precautions.

Fire Caution

Always be cautious of fire and heat when dealing with Wood and Burn products.


Wood and Burn products use laser-cut stainless steels. They are very sharp so please wear gloves.


Each Wood and Burn product comes with an instruction. Read them thoroughly before use.

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It's the best.


It's sturdy and excellent, even though it's not open yet.


It's convenient to have all the basic accessories in one set.


I'll make good use of it.


A must-have item to keep you warm during this winter's seasonal or long-term camping.