[VISTA WINDOW] for Annex Plus

SKU: BC011-012
Sale price$119.00 CAD

Scenic views and unspoiled landscapes are why we love the outdoors. Upgrade the front door of your Annex Plus with a Vista Window.

Model: Skycamp Annex Plus & X-Cover Annex Plus

Brighten Things Up

The Vista Window allows more natural light into the Annex Plus. So you can enjoy all the sights without sacrificing protection from the rain, wind, or insects.



Note: The Visa Window Midnight Gray is only compatible with the Annex Plus. It is not compatible with the Annex.


Clear Polyether TPU

Dimensions (Skycamp 3.0 Annex Plus, Skycamp 3.0 2X Annex Plus, X-Cover 2.0 Annex Plus Models)

88.5” x 76.75”

Dimensions (Skycamp 3.0 Mini Annex Plus, X-Cover 2.0 Mini Annex Plus)

75.5” x 76.75”